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We buy, build and invest in local companies and their owners

At this time, we are actively looking to buy or partner in family or founder owned businesses in the service, technology, distribution, or manufacturing industries that are located in CA, WA, OR, NV or AZ.

We now offer a free 30 minute assessment of your business


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Buying Local Businesses

We are looking to acquire family or founder owned businesses, located in on the West Coast or Southwest with $500,000 to $2,500,000 in revenue or between $50,000 to $1,000,000 EBITDA. Although we are willing to look at any industry, we have been focusing recently on the technology, software, service, and distribution sectors respectively. Our preference would be businesses with: 1) contracted and/or recurring revenue, 2) strong asset base, 3) 3+ years in business 4) existing management

Who we are

We understand the pains and pleasures of running a small to mid-sized business since that's what we do too. From our experience running businesses we have come to specialize in the following: 1) growth, 2) scaling, 3) integrating, 4) reorganizing, 5) acquisitions, a 6) debt restructuring. 


Often, exiting a business can be the most rewarding but challenging process. Determining what your business is worth, finding a buyer who will carry on your legacy and actually closing the sale happens to just 10% of owners. Everyone has other dreams outside of their business, let us help you get there.


Who we work with

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What others are saying about us

Roberto Pescoito, Former Owner

 Working directly with a buyer beats the concept of selling to the mysterious 'market' that the brokers use to position you. Plus, anytime I had questions I received quick responses without the all the posturing and drama I was used to. 

Bill Sturmer, Former Owner

As a CEO, I thought I could easily figure out how to sell my business; 'How hard could it be', right?  I had a lot of assumptions about the way I thought the process should go and I kept blowing the deal. Epic does a good job of boiling down a sale to its most essential parts and then actually closes.  

Woman in Suit

Nancy McGinley, Former Owner

The personal approach to structuring a deal is why I decided to entertain Epic in the first place. Who has time to waste on a deal that isn't going to get done with all of the tire-kickers out there? This process was incredibly straight forward.  After just two phone calls, I got my first LOI. 

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Let's Find a Way to Work Together

Are you looking to sell, to partner, or
to sell a majority stake in a business?

We are actively seeking family/founder owned businesses where we can preserve and grow upon the strong foundations you already set. 


Let us help find a meaningful long-term home for your business, create new opportunities for your team, and expand the heart of what makes your company special.

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