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We invest and partner with local companies with $500k+ in revenue.

Riley LeBrun, President, Epic Consulting

About Us

How We Work


  • We Build On Your Success. We believe in preserving and building upon the core of what makes your company special by investing on what is working and fueling opportunities that never had appropriate investment. However, we also quickly cut what isn't working. 

  • We Champion Your Good People. By partnering with those on the current management team, we identify who are in alignment with the company's success and then promote, empower and support to them to drive success. 

  • We Identify Growth Opportunities. Most small companies don't have the resources, network or bandwidth to grow in all of the directions they need to or quickly grow them. We will test these to see what kind of response we can get and how we can measure it. 

  • Once We Love It, We Seal It,. Whether its acquiring, consulting, investing or partnering, once we have spent time understanding your business, we will extend our offer. In many cases, it won't make sense for all of these options, so we will quickly offer what we believe is best for our resources and best for the business. 

Our 8-Step Process

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Talking on the Phone

Sign NDA

Introduction Call

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Review Financials

Follow-Up Call 

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Fireworks Shows
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Stacks of Records

Close Escrow

Complete Diligence

Open Escrow

Negotiate LOI

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