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Thinking About Selling Your Business? 

We're valuing profitable businesses now for immediate acquisition.


Palm trees and sandy beaches are awaiting your arrival.

What We Do

It's pretty simple. We own and operate a number of private businesses across different industries and are looking for others that we believe will fit in to our operation. We have an online valuation form so we can quickly make you an offer.

First time sellers make a lot of first time mistakes assuming that the start-up and operation are the same as selling. We simplify the process by acquiring each business "as is" without further operation improvement or need for pay a broker fee.

What we're looking to acquire

  • Family, Founder Owned, if possible

  • $500k+ Net Income per year

  • 10+ staff, not-including Sellers

  • 5+ years in business

  • 20+ customers

  • No customer is more than 10% of Revenue

  • No Start-Ups, Franchises, VC Funded, or high debt

  • Simple businesses: not highly specific to individual customers

  • Growing revenue, active customers & a motivated seller

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We invest in evergreen companies that have solid long-term potential

Riley LeBrun, President, Epic Consulting

Our 8-Step Process

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Talking on the Phone

Sign NDA

Introduction Call

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Review Financials

Follow-Up Call 

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Fireworks Shows
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Stacks of Records

Close Escrow

Complete Diligence

Open Escrow

Negotiate LOI


How We Work

  • Valuation. The real key to selling any business since the marketplace is small with few buyers. By filling out our online form we can quickly assess if your small business is one that will work for us. 

  • Once We Love It, We Seal It. If we believe that your business will be a good long-term fit for us and we can help you with your expectations , we will quickly send you an offer to begin negotiation. 

  • We Take Time Understanding Your Business. Once we have an agreement in place more analysis will take place so that we know your financials, bank statements, and your key personnel. It's critical that we understand how your business runs. Once we get it, we will move quickly to finish the deal. 

  • We Build On Your Success. Now that we own the business, your training of our team will begin. Following that training and will strive to preserve and building upon the core of what makes your company special by investing in, supporting and expanding the systems and scope that work well. 

  • We Champion Your Good People. We align with your current management team by identifying who empower, promote, support and drive the people and systems that make your company a success.

  • We Identify Growth Opportunities. We will now add the resources, the network or the bandwidth to support opportunities that you may have identified but didn't have the time or resources to focus on. 

Curious what your company is worth?

You can continue to wonder, or you can fill out the form and see.  

Are you ready for palm trees and sandy beaches?

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